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#1 Posted : Sunday, February 4, 2018 4:02:29 PM(UTC)

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StrokesPlus.net Alpha release. This is really just for advanced folks..or thrill seekers!

Version (February 17, 2019)

Installer Download

NOTE: This will install S+ to Program Files, is self-signed so it will start with Windows and be able to interact with elevated apps (e.g. Task Manager) by adding the UIAccess="true" flag (but requires signed to not run as admin). The installer will not overwrite your settings file, nor will it remove it upon uninstall. This new installer will check for VC++ 2015 and .NET 4.6.2, and download/install if missing, so the installer is much smaller now. Let me know if you have any issues (again, I really prefer using Discord)

Portable Download

IMPORTANT: Extract with 7-Zip or another program that does not set Zone.Identifier or you will get an error during "Initializing Script Engine..." stating "Operation is not supported". Alternatively, you can go through each DLL file, right-click, select Properties and click the Unblock button or check box. Windows is essentially marking these DLLs as untrusted, so while StrokesPlus.net will start, the DLLs are not able to be loaded.

NOTE: This will not be able to interact with elevated windows (e.g. Task Manager) unless you run as administrator. You will probably also want to go into Options > Advanced and check Disable Update Check, since it will download the installer; or just click No and download the updated portable ZIP manually. Make sure you DON'T replace the StrokesPlus.net.bin file if you want to preserve your settings. Or use the settingsfile="C:\Path\SettingsFile.ext" command line parameter to specify a custom location for your settings (make sure to move your file there first, or you will get the default settings)

Translations: If you would like to provide a translation for your language, please post in the Languages forum and I will set you up with access.

Change Log

Updated Default Config
NOTE: Updated Feb 16 2018 - Be sure to Export your current settings or select No during import to manually pick the ones you want to include. This is a complete export, including Options settings.

Known Issues

Quick List of sp.* Functions

Quick List of SystemWindow Methods/Properties

Example Scripts

Source for Included Plug-In DLL

Classes Passed into Scripts

Discord Server - I'd prefer we bring this stuff into the Discord channels, much easier to collaborate!

  • This is an alpha release, so there are bound to be issues that myself or others have yet to find. However, I use it every day and it's quite stable.
  • I don't even know if this will run on a 32-bit machine, though it seems like it should; I installed it into a 32-bit VM and it worked fine.
  • I've included a handful of gestures and actions to get you started. I'm certainly open to ideas for what should be the default set
  • There's no help file or page yet, but if post in the forum or join the Discord server, myself or someone else will help you out.
  • The script engine has been completely replaced and uses JavaScript (Chrome V8 engine) with a bridge to various exposed .NET classes. Do a Google search for "ClearScript FAQ" for some examples and more information about how it works
  • I have to explicitly specify what types/objects/classes are exposed to the scripting engine, so you may encounter some confusing things like Point is available without fully qualifying the type, but another type would need to be qualified. This is a work in progress to determine what makes the most sense to have directly aliased, etc. There may also be .NET namespaces not available; do let me know if you run into anything missing.
  • StrokesPlus.net.bin is the settings file. It's in the same folder as StrokesPlus.net.exe in the portable download. If it's in the same folder as StrokesPlus.net.exe, it will be used instead of using the AppData folder as would normally be the case (unless you use the settingsfile command line parameter)
  • I will generally try to help you out, since there's no help. We can figure this all out together! But, if you open the SystemWindow.cs file in the application folder, it will give you an idea of the things available once you have a window object (action.Window is passed into all actions, which is the window where the gesture started). The sp. functions which clearly get a window will also have the same methods/properties found in SystemWindow.cs
  • I've included the stuff that hides/shows the mouse cursor, but there's no definitive way of doing this which is consistent and doesn't negatively affect some users. For example, if you have a customer cursor set, it will be reverted to stock on when you call show cursor. Getting the cursor type has been ported over, but again, it's not guaranteed to work under all apps or configurations
  • It's set with a target .NET Framework version of 4.6.2, which based on what I've found online, means that it will probably only run on Windows 7 SP1 or greater
  • You can import/export action categories and/or single actions themselves without using the Import/Export screen. The Import/Export screen is more for large/full operations

Anyway, for those brave folks out there, feel free to mess around and let me know what kind of things you find. I'm very curious to know if it will run in 32-bit mode, of course.

International users, I'd love for you to try out various things using non-English characters, etc.

Also, I really haven't system tested the Import/Export screen much...so again, make sure to backup your StrokesPlus.net.bin file regularly.

Oh yeah, so regarding the exposed .NET classes:

clr = mscorlib, System, System.Core
drawing = System.Drawing
forms = System.Windows.Forms
windows = System.Windows
net = System.Net
http = System.Net.Http
host = ExtendedHostFunctions (see ClearScript help)
clip = System.Windows.Forms.Clipboard
sysinfo = SystemInformation
speech = System.Speech

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#2 Posted : Sunday, April 22, 2018 7:51:05 AM(UTC)

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Hello, rob, can you add the description to the command? I don't even know how to use a command.
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